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Fabulous tools at a great price. Online sales are fantastic, orders arrive perfectly packaged and very quickly. Without a doubt, I recommend it 100% !!!

Ana M.

I have to say, seeing the price difference with the Japanese ones, I was very reticent, that if I was going to find orguras, the usual failures in Chinese tools ,,, but what is my surprise, when I have had them in hand and They are perfect, well above my expectations, I recommend them without a doubt.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez

Hello, I bought the tool kit and one pass, they look spectacular, they cut one pass and they come very well packed, in short 100 × 100 recommended, thank you very much for making this kit, thank you.

Rubén Sánchez

After trying Chinese tools with catastrophic results I am super happy with this brand. 100% recommended 

Jonathan Garcia

Very surprised by the quality of the tools. I have purchased a pruner and two wire cutters and the truth is that in hand they improve the expectations that I had created by seeing the photos. Totally recommended !!!

Andrew Cordon

The order has arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I just bought it though. My Curved Cut Concave Pruner: Perfect Edge. Stainless steel. Unbeatable quality-price. Very happy.

Juan Rato

Very surprised with Hugo Bonsái's tools, I discovered them at UBE, I already bought there and now I bought again.
Just to point out that the packaging came broken, I imagine that from the transport, because the tools came intact, there were no signs of use.
Otherwise everything perfect, fast and of very good quality

Francis Xavier Sanz

Super happy and grateful for the treatment and the speed of delivery, I love the tools.

Ferdinand Peru

The order arrives quickly, and the quality-price is great...I will definitely continue buying!!! Very happy and grateful 🤗

Ines Rivas

I bought some tools (pruner, trimmer and scissors), very good value for money, good finish, no gaps and very good cut.
I have to admit that with the price difference compared to other brands I was a bit reluctant, finally very happy with the purchase.
I had a problem with the scissors and the attention to my claim was excellent, they solved the problem with all diligence by replacing the material.
100% recommended establishment.

Jose Antonio Cano

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Bonsai fertilizers for autumn and winter

Bonsai fertilizers for autumn and winter

Arriving at the end of summer, the first rains arrive and temperatures begin to drop to give way to autumn and later winter. The fertilizer that we have been using during the bonsai growth season is no longer worth it and we must move on to a fertilizer that...

I have burned maple leaves

I have burned maple leaves

Maple leaves have been burned. Why? What should I do? In the following lines we tell you why this happens in summer and what you can do to avoid it. Why do maple leaves burn? Summer, time of great temperatures and for...

Third UBE Bonsai Convention

Third UBE Bonsai Convention

A week after attending our first national bonsai event, the III Bonsai Convention organized by UBE Bonsai in Aranjuez, Madrid, we want to give you our impressions and a brief summary of what we experienced during the weekend...

We tell you something about our bonsai tools

All our bonsai tools are made in stainless steel. You should know that there are different types of steel depending on its composition. Our steel is ideal for making bonsai tools and for distributing quality products at affordable prices.

At Hugo Bonsai we bet on bonsai tools made of stainless steel. These bonsai tools are more resistant to corrosion than iron ones, so they will last much longer if you take good care of them.

Do you want to know more about Hugo Bonsai?

If you want to know a little more about us, who we are, our values ​​and our trajectory, we will tell you everything on the next page.

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