Arriving at the end of summer, the first rains arrive and temperatures begin to drop to give way to autumn and later winter.

The fertilizer that we have been using during the bonsai growth season is no longer worth it and we must move on to a fertilizer that contains other components and that helps the bonsai to overcome autumn and winter with energy to be able to sprout strongly at the beginning of spring again.

What fertilizers for bonsai can I use in autumn and winter?

Well, knowing that we can fertilize our bonsai with organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, we are going to focus on the fertilizers that Hugo Bonsai uses for this autumn and winter season.

Lombrico Autumn

Since we discovered Lombrico Autumn, it has been our fertilizer for bonsai par excellence. With this bonsai fertilizer we guarantee to give our bonsai the nutrients and supplies they need during the fall and winter.

Lombrico Autumn is a fertilizer for bonsai with a high degree of potassium, which facilitates transport and the accumulation of reserves in these months of the year. Autumn Worm also contains organic matter and amino acids that will improve the conditions of the substrate as well as the vigor of the plant and the absorption of nutrients.

What can we expect from Lombrico Autumn? Well, with this fertilizer we will be helping our bonsai to thicken branches and trunk given its NPK composition, and especially its low nitrogen levels. Using Autumn Worm will encourage a more spectacular flowering in spring.

The use of Lombrico Autumn is recommended from September to January, February and apply it every 15 days.

Hanagokoro Pass

It is a slow release organic fertilizer. Hanagokoro is a fertilizer for Japanese bonsai and its use is recommended during autumn and winter.

The use of Hanagokoro is ideal if we combine it with the use of Lombrico Autumn, for example.

The compost balls are formed by pre-fermented paste from different residues such as bone meal and algae. Like all slow-release fertilizers, they require a high degree of moisture to work properly.

Until next time, friends.

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