Fertilizers for bonsai

We expanded our variety of products by reaching a distribution agreement with Lombrico Bonsai for the sale of all their bonsai fertilizers and festilizers. Discover absolute quality fertilizers for the care and maintenance of your bonsai. 

The different Lombrico Bonsai fertilizers

Within the Lombrico Bonsai brand we can find different types of fertilizers, all of them liquid. We tell you the main characteristics of each of them.

Lombrico Spring

Ideal fertilizer to use during spring and summer. Lombrico spring is ideal for a correct activation of the growth and metabolism of our bonsai.

Lombrico Autumn

We will use it in Autumn. Lombrico Autumn naturally reinforces the seasonal growth of the plant. It is an ideal product for the nutrition of our bonsai in autumn and winter.

Lombrico Shield

This fertilizer is something very exclusive to the brand. Lombrico shield protects bonsai in a very effective way against possible attacks by pathogens.

Worm Roots

It is the flagship product to use after transplants and root pruning. Lombrico Raíces encourages the appearance of new fine roots, which is why we promote greater absorption of nutrients and water.

Lombrico Calcium

It is the least used product of the entire Lombrio Bonsai range. What Lombrico Calcio gives us is a reinforcement of cellular tissues that makes fungal attacks more unlikely and also helps the ripening and setting of the fruits.

If you want more information, we recommend you read our blog article Lombrico Bonsai. All you need to know

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