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If you're bonsai tools you are in the right place. Take a look at all the models we have available. Pruner, scissors, pliers, rakes... A wide variety of models in different sizes to work your bonsai in the best way.

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All bonsai tools They are made of stainless steel to offer an unbeatable value for money.

Our bonsai care tools are designed so that everyone can have them, regardless of whether you have just started in the world of bonsai or if you are an expert, these bonsai tools will meet your needs.

We are a Spanish brand specialized in tools for bonsai and bonsai accessories with clear values, quality products at a good price and a close relationship with the client.

It is important to take care of these tools, because even if they are made of stainless steel, it does not mean that they cannot rust, so be especially careful if they get wet, take proper care of them and you will have bonsai tools for many years.

How is the maintenance of bonsai tools?

Maintenance of bonsai tools is very simple, especially in stainless steel tools like ours.

Unlike bonsai tools made of iron or carbon steel, with our bonsai tools you don't have to worry so much about water and drying them perfectly so they don't rust. We always recommend cleaning them after each job with normal soap and water and drying them, although it is not absolutely essential, but our tools will thank us.

Once a year we usually put a little oil on the joints as extra maintenance.

By following these simple steps we can have bonsai tools for many years.


If you want your bonsai tools to last for many years, maintenance is just as important as making good use of them.

By making good use of them, we mean above all not to overload the tool with work. Each of the bonsai tools has a particular function depending on its size and shape. Never work with tools smaller in size or force than the bonsai could exert.

The tool always has to work comfortably, if you are going to prune roots or a thick branch, make sure you select the bonsai tool that can best do that job and above all, that you see that the cut is done well and without forcing the excess tool.

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