This 2021 marks 2 years since the first launch of tools for bonsai Hugo Bonsai. During this time, many products have been improved and totally new ones added.

In this article today we want to show you the evolution of our Bonsai Tool Kit. What do you think.

2019. The first toolkit.

Our first kit consisted, like the entire range of that year, of tools of a very basic quality in the finishes.

It consisted of 6 tools, of which we currently only maintain two of them. The wire and bud cutter and the stainless rake/tweezer with pliers. The other tools were a concave cutter and pruner, a thick rooted shears and a plier with the peculiarity that the tip was shorter than those of other brands.

The size of the pruners and pruning shears were 18 cm and the thick pruning shears were 17 cm.

The case, although similar in exterior aesthetics to that of 2020, the materials with which it was made were of a lower quality than its successor.

2020. A completely revamped new bonsai toolkit

In 2020, with the long-awaited release of our new bonsai tools, we launched what was a totally revamped kit.

It is a kit made up of 6 tools: 21 cm concave pruner and dumpster, 18 cm fine pruning shears, 20 cm pruning shears and the wire and bud cutter together with the stainless rake/tweezer.

The appearance of the case we decided to improve it, investing in more resistant materials that would give a better appearance to this kit that we had high hopes for. The interior color of the case we put blue to honor our corporate colors and thus differentiate ourselves from the rest of cases from other brands that are usually black in their entirety.

2021. Small improvements to achieve higher quality

The bonsai toolkit that is available this year has some substantial improvement and changes from its predecessor.

The main differences are 3:

  • They go from 6 to 7 tools. We decided to include our chopsticks in stainless steel. Since they are one of our best-selling bonsai accessories, we decided to incorporate them into this new kit.
  • The 20 cm Pruning Shears are replaced by the Coarse Pruning Shears to seek greater functionality of the kit as a whole.
  • The quality of the case. This is probably the biggest leap in quality. We decided to give it a more elegant appearance and therefore it was necessary to choose the best materials for the occasion.

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