Much has been said lately about fertilizers for bonsai de bonsai worm and it is not surprising, since its operation is very good and the way to pay is very comfortable and fast, since it is enough to dilute the product with the irrigation water and water with the resulting broth.

Lombrico Bonsai offers us different products for different times of the year and bonsai health.

What fertilizers can we find from Lombrico Bonsai?

Here may come the biggest doubt that may arise when we decide to buy Lombrico Bonsai fertilizers, that we do not know very well its usefulness, when to use it or how or simply which one to choose. We tell you.

Lombrico Autumn

This product is manufactured from plant extracts, therefore its action is gradual, naturally reinforcing the seasonal growth of the plant.

It is the ideal product to nourish bonsai during autumn and winter. It is a fertilizer with a special amount of nitrogen for the time of year because even though trees do not grow at this time, they still need nitrogen to fulfill many of their vital nutrient storage functions.

The organic matter that Lombrico Autumn contains improves the substrate conditions and the amino acids activate the metabolism of the plant to improve the absorption of nutrients.

Due to the amount of potassium that Lombrico has in Autumn, it will help the lignification of the branches and will help the trees to better resist the cold winter temperatures.

Worm Roots

The roots are one of the pillars of work and care in our bonsai. We all know that a good, well-groomed, root system and not stressed is very important. What we achieve with Lombrico Raíces is to encourage the appearance of new fine roots, which is why we promote greater absorption of nutrients and water.

It is important to be clear that Lombrico Raíces is not a hormonal rooting agent. It is made from plant materials and contains: algae extract, amino acids, organic acids and polysaccharides.

Lombrico Shield

This is one of the flagship products and reference of Lombrico Bonsai. According to Lombrico experts, it protects our bonsai in a very effective way against possible attacks by pathogens. From the brand they tell us that another of the most important characteristics is that it acts as a disinfectant.

When a defense-inducing product such as Lombrico Escudo is applied, the plant is protected by activating its natural defense system so that when the pathogen attack occurs, it is not successful.

The defense inducers also help the plant to close scars that could be sources of infection (Mainly after having carried out a pruning).

Lombrico Spring

It is the compost that we will use during the spring and summer to nourish our trees. The brand itself highlights that one of the main properties of this fertilizer is the composition of 4 types of nitrogen. Two of them are fast absorbing, nitric and ammonium, and two that need to be decomposed to be absorbed by our bonsai, such as urea and organic.

The formulation of this product is specially designed for the time when bonsai need a balanced supply of main elements and micronutrients for a correct activation of the growth and metabolism of the plant.

Lombrico Calcium

This is a product that is not used as frequently as the previous ones, since a priori using it twice a year would be enough. This justifies the smaller sizes that are marketed.

What they tell us that Lombrico Calcio provides is a reinforcement of cellular tissues that makes fungal attacks more unlikely and also helps the ripening and fruit set.

As we said before, all Lombrico Bonsai products are applied by mixing with the irrigation water. The amount to be used is indicated by the manufacturer on each product and it is necessary to follow their indications.

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