Bonsai pruners

Know all the bonsai pruners made of stainless steel. If you are looking for quality bonsai pruners, we have what you are looking for. Tools for straight cuts, concave cuts, available in different sizes. Buy with the maximum Return guarantee and with deliveries in 24/48 hours.

Types of cut of the pruners for bonsai

Within this category we can find different cuts, shapes and sizes. It is important to distinguish the cut that these bonsai pruners on the tree to be able to use them correctly.

  • Straight cut pruners. The cut that we object to with these bonsai pruners is flush with the bark, a straight and clean cut. The edges of these pruners are perfectly designed to leave a little "v" wound to promote healing.
  • Concave cut pruners. The cut of these bonsai pruners is curved, inward. It is not a cut flush with the crust unlike the previous one.
  • Concave dump. This tool is ideal for emptying the cut, cleaning the wound. It makes an inward, curved cut, which allows a much more favorable healing.
  • Log cutter. Although it is not a pruner to use, this tool is very useful to split a log in half and be able to take the threads of the wood for the work of the jin.

Caring for bonsai pruners

As with the rest of the tools, it is important not to oversize the size of the branch. We must use a bonsai pruner at all times that allows us to do the work we want with ease. If we use an 18cm pruner for example, on a branch with a wide thickness, we can break the pruner because it is not prepared to resist those hardnesses. For this reason it is important to have bonsai pruners in different sizes.


What CUTTERS should I start with if I am a beginner?

The first thing you should assess is the size of the trees you have. Normally, when we start in the world of bonsai we have small trees, very manageable. The ideal and that we recommend, if you have to choose a first pruner for bonsai, is one that has a straight cut and the size that we consider, the 210 millimeter being the most versatile and the one that we will use the most.

As you expand your bonsai collection, you will almost certainly need an oversized and undersized bonsai trimmer.

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