About Hugo Bonsai

An exciting project born in 2018

Hugo Bonsai is a Spanish company dedicated to the import, export and distribution of tools and accessories for bonsai.

The year 2019 was quite an exciting year, where we began to sell and we began to meet extraordinary people from whom, in addition to learning about bonsai techniques, we also learned a lot about tools that until then we did not know.

- Hugo bonsai we also manage GNZ Dental, a Spanish brand dedicated to the distribution of dental instruments with a presence in Spain and Portugal. At GNZ Dental we have the support of several of the main distributors in the peninsula.

Hugo Bonsai emerged taking advantage of the network of national and international suppliers and the logistics structure of GNZ Dental, all of which was driven by our passion for the world of bonsai.

A little history about Hugo Bonsai

December 2018

It was in December 2018 when we began to put a face to the project that we had been thinking and devising for 4 months. We start with the logo design and web design. At the beginning we created a very simple website, without much customization or special features to be an online store.

February 2019

It was in mid-February 2019 that we started to sell the first compost containers, specifically the compost containers with a lid. It was through Amazon, since we did not have the web open because we had not yet received the bonsai tools.

April 2019

In April we began to distribute all our products, through the web and through Amazon. At that time, we had manufactured bonsai tools in stainless steel, but very far from the competition, they were very basic tools; for us ideal for people who have just started in the world of bonsai or for people who did not need much more.

It was on April 12, 2019 when we sold our first tools through the web, something that made us very excited. Thanks Luis!

July 2019

It was in July when we saw that the tools were selling very well, honestly, much better than we expected. We sat down, and thanks to many comments from clients and conversations with many of you, we decided to tackle a new range of bonsai tools, in stainless steel and with better qualities as well as larger ones so that they would be useful to both beginners and people. who does appreciate the quality of the tools more.

November 2019

With the famous Black Friday, we already ran out of stock that we had previously replenished of the first range of tools, and we no longer decided to replenish again, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Sakura 2020 Range.

March 2020

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, finally, after many months of tests, trials, improvements and headaches, we accept the samples to be able to manufacture the new range of tools for bonsai Sakura 2020. We hope that it will see the light at the beginning of May.

Specialized in bonsai tools and accessories

We are an online store specialized in the sale of tools and accessories for bonsai. We collaborate with authentic bonsai cracks to improve our products year after year.

Our Mission and Vision

Sell ​​bonsai tools and accessories all over the world, taking the Spain brand to all continents, in addition to showing the world the great bonsai specialists in our country.

Our Team

We have Sergio, our manager and marketing and sales specialist. Mario, Our commercial and a real crack of the numbers, is the one that manages all the national and international logistics. Paula is our expert in social networks, she loves to be connected 24 hours a day. Jose Javier, a brainiac, engineer and responsible for the introduction and development of new products.

Project for the Reforestation of the Sierra de Gredos

At Hugo Bonsai, in collaboration with GNZ Dental, we contribute to a very interesting project that we love for the reforestation of the Sierra de Gredos

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