A week after attending our first national bonsai event, the III Bonsai Convention organized by UBE Bonsai in Aranjuez, Madrid, we want to give you our impressions and a brief summary of what we experienced during the weekend

Preparations prior to the Convention

For many of you who will read this article, it was the first time you saw our bonsai tools in person and even the first time you met us.

In December 2021 we celebrated our Third Anniversary, and although we tried to make ourselves known through social networks, we are aware of the importance of attending events like this one from UBE, events that unfortunately, mainly due to COVID, we had not been able to attend.

We went to the Convention nervous about being our first event, nervous about not having everything ready on time... There were a lot of things to prepare in a short time: all the advertising material (canvas, roll-ups, business cards, displays...), the dataphone from the bank (inconvenience of being an online store, we didn't have one and we had to ask the bank for one for everyone who wanted to pay by card) and most importantly, bring enough tools to be able to sell. In short, it was a week of preparations a bit chaotic as you can imagine for those of us who attend events like this for the first time. 


The convention begins and...

Out nerves. On Friday at 9 in the morning we were ready to welcome you all, yes, both we and the rest of our colleagues were frozen. We had -1ºC at that time 🥶

It was a spectacular weekend, we were able to speak with many of you exchanging impressions, talking about bonsai that was what we were talking about and above all being able to meet in person many of you who write to us on Instagram and Facebook and who have already bought one or more times.

We met the owners and workers of stores like Hatoen, Jardín Moyogui, Bonsai Nara and Medibonsa among many others, with whom we were also able to talk about bonsai and other little things that we still can't reveal to you 😝 

On Sunday it's time to pick up (I think it's the part that all vendors liked the most 🙄) and go home to rest. 

Sales were phenomenal for us, so from here too, we have already done it through I don't know how many channels, but we never get tired of thanking all of you who came to buy, all of you who had already bought and all of you who surely one day you will be encouraged to buy our bonsai tools.

And to finish, of course, we also want to thank all the members of UBE for the organization and for their work and dedication so that the convention turned out as well as possible.

Greetings friends,


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