Bonsai scissors

Know all the bonsai scissors made of stainless steel. If you are looking for quality bonsai scissors, we have what you are looking for. Available in different sizes. Buy with the maximum Return guarantee and with deliveries in 24/48 hours.

Types of bonsai scissors

Within the category of bonsai scissors we can find different models and sizes depending on the work we are going to do with them. The main types of bonsai scissors that we find are:

  • Pincer scissors. The pliers scissors are the bonsai scissors that we use when it comes to pinching the branches. We can find bonsai nippers in three sizes: 15, 18 and 21 centimeters. There are different shapes on the market but their function is the same.
  • Pruning shears. They are the bonsai shears indicated for the work of pruning roots and thicker branches. It is important not to oversize the cutting work on these bonsai shears as we can break the tool. These bonsai shears can usually handle thicker branches than the nippers, but we must know the hardness of the wood we are dealing with. If we see that it is a branch that the scissors will not be able to with it, we will use the bonsai pruners
  • Wire cut scissors. These bonsai shears are very useful for cutting wires and those finer shoots. With wires up to 2.5mm we can use these scissors for bonsai without problem

Bonsai scissors care

The most important thing, and a mistake that we make a lot when we start working on bonsai, is that we think that scissors can handle anything. We must always adapt our bonsai scissors to the thickness of the branch we are working on, without oversizing the cut. For this reason there are different types of tools and hence the importance of having a wide and diverse set of tools for bonsai.

Sharpening bonsai shears

When it's time to sharpen, we can use Arkansas sharpening stones. These sharpening stones are often used in combination with some sharpening oil or even water, as if it were sandpaper. For this task it is recommended that if you do not have practice, ask someone with experience for help as we can easily break the edges of the scissors.

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