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I have bought a clamping scissors and after the first cuts, I think it is magnificent. In addition to its function, it is aesthetically attractive. The brand logo does not appear on my scissors, but otherwise it is excellent. I do not give the maximum score, because I received them a week ago and they have not been used for long. It is worth quality / price, the best that is sold on the internet.

Hark Harken.

Candid, very good, the photos do not do justice to the quality of the tools in hand, super fast shipping and perfect communication with them, a 10 in everything, without a doubt, I will buy again as I have to renew materials, delighted with the purchase and of Spanish manufacture.

Enrique Barrios

I have received the new clipper and it is of exceptional quality. And received super fast by Correos Express. Delighted with the purchase. I will repeat with other tools without a doubt.

Tony Cortes

Excellent buy. From the first day I saw your website, it was clear to me that I would buy one of your tools. I finally bought the complete case and I have not been disappointed. I am clear that I will complete my case with more tools from Hugo. Also, without underestimating other brands, Japanese, Korean or Chinese, they are either more or at the same level, surpassing many that are on the market. Courage to buy Hugo Bonsai tools.

Juan Antonio Uceda

Very good quality tools at a very good price, 100% recommended.

Juan Jose Rubio

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Worm Roots, what we should not miss in the transplant season

Worm Roots, what we should not miss in the transplant season

Now that the date of transplanting the bonsai is getting closer with the proximity of spring (always speaking in Spain and specifically in Madrid, but it applies to any region when the time comes to transplant a bonsai) it is time to prepare the material that we are going to. ..

What kind of wire is used in bonsai?

What kind of wire is used in bonsai?

The bonsai wiring is a technique by which we will shape our bonsai. In the world of bonsai, 2 types of wire are used mainly, aluminum and copper. Both types of wire can be found in different qualities. In this article...

Bonsai fertilizers for autumn and winter

Bonsai fertilizers for autumn and winter

Arriving at the end of summer, the first rains arrive and temperatures begin to drop to give way to autumn and later winter. The fertilizer that we have been using during the bonsai growth season is no longer worth it and we must move on to a fertilizer that...

We tell you something about our bonsai tools

All our bonsai tools are made in stainless steel. You should know that there are different types of steel depending on its composition. Our steel is ideal for making bonsai tools and for distributing quality products at affordable prices.

At Hugo Bonsai we bet on bonsai tools made of stainless steel. These bonsai tools are more resistant to corrosion than iron ones, so they will last much longer if you take good care of them.

Do you want to know more about Hugo Bonsai?

If you want to know a little more about us, who we are, our values ​​and our trajectory, we will tell you everything on the next page.

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